Transfering Music Onto A Motorola G 4G

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j0nb0y | 09:13 Sun 09th Nov 2014 | Technology
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I have just got a Motorola g 4g and want to transfer music off my laptop onto it, mainly cds I have ripped, but every time I try, my laptop asks me if I want to transfer the files as my device may not be able to play them and once I have transfered them they do not show up on the phone. Any ideas what I need to do or what I am doing wrong? TIA


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What format are the files you have ripped?

If you did it under Windows then the default is WMA (Windows Media Audio) files, and the Motorola cant play them.

One website I saw says as follows about your phone:

Your smartphone can play MP3, M4A, AAC, AAC+, MIDI and WAV files.
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Hi, just had a look at they are wma files. Any idea how what I need to to to transfer them into a file that is playable????
One of two ways.

1. You should be able to download something for free from t'interweb, that should easily convert your .wma files into .mp3's. I'd suggest creating a separate folder and put your converted files in there, then transfer that folder to your phone, and you'll ensure that you put the right files on your phone.

2. Bit of a chore, but if you still have the CD's then alter the format you ripped them to .mp3 and do them again.

Go for the first one.

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Transfering Music Onto A Motorola G 4G

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