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Barsel | 09:12 Thu 02nd Oct 2014 | Technology
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Yesterday I was watching the lunch time news and realised I had to pop out to the shops. I left the TV on ( I sometimes do that to make it look like someones home) and when I got back my TV had automatically re-tuned itself and all I had to do was press the save button. When I checked the channels I realised I have lost about 6 or 7 channels, mostly music channels which I like to watch. I have a HD Freeview TV. Anyone else experienced this and will my channels come back?


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think you'll find your favourites have just changed channel numbers barsel,look down the list of channels see if they are there
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Have done that Ivor and they're definitely not there.
do a manual re-tune & see if they come back
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go to menu, installation, do a fresh install of your channels
i got more than i had before the install
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Have done that Ivor but they haven't come back. Will try what fender62 suggests. Some of the ones that have disappeared are 50,53,54,56,60,67.
yes i checked mine again i dont have them either but seem to have more than before on HD, its a real pain for older folk to be doing this, an old guy near me said he couldn't work the remote etc and it cost him £80 for a tv guy to do it
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Thanks for checking Ivor, I was hoping someone would do that and then I know it's not just me that's lost those channels.
If you know what transmitter you get your signal from go to

Choose your transmitter.

Now look for the channels that you're missing.

Channels are broadcast in groups from different muxes. So if you have a problem with one mux, you'll have problems with all the channels for that mux.

After a retune I pick one channel from each mux to confirm that I get all channels.

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