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trish1234567 | 22:09 Wed 01st Oct 2014 | Technology
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Further to my recent post, I now realize that there is no file in the mp4 so it has to be a dustbin job ............


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You can post a reply in your earlier thread.
Yes, don't open a new question.

If you reply to your original question anyone reading that will also see your answer.
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Yes - you're both right! I will give myself 100 lines,
(does this give my age away)?
Have you tried transferring an mp4 file using Copy/Paste and seeing if that works?
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Where would I get the mp4 file from Alice, I would have to know someone who has the exact same mp4 player? The item is probably made in China so there'll be no help there. I'll go on wracking my brain. Many thanks for all help.
I had assumed you had mp4 files on your pc to transfer and view. Any mp4 files should do.
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I do have mp4 music tracks to download to mp4 player and although the mp4 turns on when plugged into computer, it is not recognised by the computer. Therefore, I cannot get into the mp4.

It was my mistake deleting the file system from the mp4 as the instructions were not good (they were for a different mp4 player). However, it was 8gb and I had put over 400 tracks on it and there was room for more!

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I had to go to bed!!! I am going to put this down to experience and because it was so cheap (around the £10 mark) I intend to buy another. I liked it so much..........I see you're like me Alice and not like to be beaten! Trish.

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