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sprayermick | 14:25 Wed 24th Sep 2014 | Technology
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I have just had to change browsers as my old one (win8) is no longer supported and the newer win browser would not install so opted for Firefox instead but why oh why does this poxy browser insist on changing all of the desktop icons from the originals to an icon of the world globe so that now all the icons are the same, I remember when I had firefox on another laptop it did the same thing so how can I get the original icons back and how do I stop Firefox doing this? by the way I am running windows 7


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Win8 is an operating system not a browser,

If you are now using the Firefox browser no doubt it automatically selects itself as the default browser so the icons to web pages now use it and therefore show its icon rather than using the previous browser that doesn't work and its icon.

It'd be pretty standard. Although if you right click on your shortcut icons you may be able to hand choose a different one. I can't recall offhand the times when this is possible and not, but give it a try.
This has to be a problem in your settings. I use Firefox all the time and everything's fine with it here.
When you change the default program for a filetype, e.g. setting Firefox as the default internet browser that URL shortcuts will use, then it is Windows itself that changes the icon on those shortcuts, not Firefox. Right click each one and select Properties, and in there you can set the icon to whatever you want.
The newest version of I.E.11 for Windows 7, normally arrives as an optional update in Windows Update.

Have a look through Windows Update and make sure you've put a 'tick' in the install box.

You can d/l IE11 direct from here, but make sure you select 'English' and either 32bit or 64bit as appropriate.

I'm assuming all the 'icons' your referring to are either bookmarks or web address links. If so, then your choice of default internet browser determines what it looks like, although there are ways of changing it.
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