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Bazile | 18:10 Mon 22nd Sep 2014 | Technology
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Can you alter the number of rings on a landline , before the answer machine cuts in ?

Does it depend on the make of phone / the phoneline provider ?


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As said, it is a setting on the answerphone
Usually its 2, 4, 6 or 8 depending on the model.
The phone line provider simply sends the signal to say a call is trying to get to you; it has to be your phone / ansafone equipment that decides when it answers automatically and takes a message.
....if all else fails, read the instruction manual.
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I assume the answers removed were rude - i dont know why some people feel the need . Immaturity i assume .

I've not got the manual , hence my posting the question .

Thanks for the other responses .

Is the Manual available on line?
Could have been that, or maybe ads. Were gone before I got here anyway.
Is it possible to retrieve a copy of the manual on line? Type the make and model number into Google ot may just be there somewhere.

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ok thanks
I know I read this post yesterday,I can't remember any smartass answers, strange!

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