Bt Charging For Yahoo Mail Usage ?!

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Purple_Popple | 17:04 Mon 22nd Sep 2014 | Technology
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Further to my previous thread, out of the blue I had my Yahoo Mail account suspended suddenly, unable to log in / or change password, 4 days later and several phonecalls I have since been informed that BT wish to charge me £1.60 to get me back into Yahoo Mail and continue using this email address - I have used Yahoo Mail for 8 years and only had BT broadband for 2 years in 2011 - 2013. I am now with Sky. Can they do this for a Yahoo Mail service ? Is this legit ?


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I don't know about the cost, but if you are no longer a BT customer then it doesn't surprise me - but challenge it, if you are no longer with BT.
Is this any

Seems to make the charge clear.

sorry looks like I missed a w out on my last answer
Yes, it's legit and yes, they can do it.
We're sorry to see you go. If you've left BT Broadband and want to keep your BT email address, you can order BT Yahoo Premium Mail for up to 30 days. For a small monthly fee of £1.60 a month, you get to keep all the benefits of your email service. Payable by ebill and Direct Debit only, one month minimum term applies. Find out more about BT Premium Mail

My advice is to pay for one month to give you a chance to download all your emails and switch to a different service.
This is one of the problems of using an email address supplied by your ISP.

If you change ISP you may lose the address or have to pay to keep it.

There are plenty of free email addresses to get like gmail (Google) or (Microsoft) which don't tie you to an ISP.

If you move ISP you can carry on using gmail or any other free email address.
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How do I get to pay this £1.60 just to get into my Yahoo account and check my emails as they have suspended my address.
I don't know. You'd need to phone BT and offer to pay.
It's £1.60 a month, too, pp, so I guess you'd need to set up a direct debit.
Wow you have done well I got caught up on this more than a 18 months ago, as has been said get yourself a Google mail account and inform all your contacts of e mail change.
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I cannot get access to my Yahoo Mail account, its been frozen by BT, so unable to obtain my contacts annoying.
But if you pay the £1.60 they are asking for, you will. You can cancel as soon as you've downloaded everything.

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Bt Charging For Yahoo Mail Usage ?!

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