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Purple_Popple | 22:03 Fri 19th Sep 2014 | Technology
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I have been trying all day to log on/sign in to my Yahoo Mail account, it won't accept my email address or password. Just keeps coming up 'invalid username' this has been going on all day. Tried to follow the steps to change password but it won't let me do that either.


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What computer, browser etc.?

Just been trying mine - it was bad before iOS8 update - not always showing new mail - whne using Safari, but perfect in other browsers, but today since updating to iOS yesterday, its totally unsable in Safari!

I don't use the Yahoo or Mail apps, as others use my iPad, so I want to keep my emails private.
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Hi Tuvok
Have Chrome at home on laptop. Tried to log in at work earlier - no joy - and tried from my mobile - still no joy.
Using Chrome I just went to Yahoo Mail put in Username, Password and then I had to put in a wavy code and then had to "strengthen my password" and repeating my new password I was in...their front page...I then clicked on Mail and there it was!

Was there a "Forgot Password" link PP?
Are you trying normal Yahoo or is yours a BT Yahoo account?
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Tried all ways Jomlett, it just goes round in circles coming back with the same prompt 'Invalid username/passowrd' - its driving me nuts.
not much help, I know, but this happened to me with my Yahoo Mail a couple of weeks just didn't 'know' me at all. Most odd. Can't remember what I did though,........but got round it in the end. Just thinking about it...I might have got there via Yahoo Answers......try that. Good luck.

Baths x x
Try with a New Incognito Window onnChrome/File
Looking at

Looks like there has been problems today.

Have you tried setting up the Yahoo mail app on your phone, or set up pop or imap access in eg. thunderbird?
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The incognito window, brilliant idea Jomlett!!! This worked, but still wouldn't get me in, however it did shoot up an explanation that my account had been locked due to the number of sign in attempts. I have to leave it for 12 hours before i try again.
Try using a mail programme - might get you back in sooner
Also clear your Browsing History, PP.
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Thank you for this info Tuvok, I will try this option tomorrow (in Outlook mail) if by then it still doesn't let me sign in.
Thanks to all for your valued help.

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