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smurf | 17:16 Sat 13th Sep 2014 | Technology
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hi could some of you techis out their help me i cant seem to print any thing off my e mail, it will all download or i can view on line but when i press print it tell me that i have a problem with adobe acrobat /reader i have tried taking it out and then reinstalling but it doent seem to want to work it just tell me it is running please exit and try again
please if you can help put it in plain english as i am a silver surfer


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Is this happening for anything you try and print, or just pdf's?

if it is just pdfs, are you opening them direct from your email, or downloading them first, then opening them from the downloaded file?

There is a free alternative to Acrobat Reader called Foxit Reader - you could try installing that and see if it lets you print.
You could try uninstalling and reinstalling it again but remembering to restart your computer in between. (That restart is certainly necessary for problems with other Adobe software, such as Flash Player, so it might well apply here).

However, as Tuvok indicates, there's no need to use the slow, bloated software offered by Adode anyway. (Adobe invented the pdf format but others have vastly improved upon its implementation since then). As Tuvok indicates, Foxit is the most popular alternative and widely recommended. However this is what I use (and can thoroughly recommend):
(Lousy website but great software!)
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thanks for that think ive got it sorted , have abandoned adobe reader and gone for foxit ,its working again

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