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Henrietta | 20:25 Sun 31st Aug 2014 | Technology
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I don't get it. Why do these apps want to listen to you and take pictures? What do they gain from this and how do they choose from let's say 50 million users whose phone they want to get information from? Another thing is what happens if the phone takes a picture of a child getting out of the bath or a couple having sex or someone using the toilet? Who makes the choice that inappropriate pictures or sound was recorded and what do they then do with the information?


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The phone won't take any pictures on its own. You really have a very strange view of technology Hen.
The answer is that they don't.
Apps like for example Facebook Messenger need your permission to use the phone if you want to include a photo in a message. They can't spy" on you or take pictures of you.
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Well it is a very strange world we're in. :)

Zacsmaster, what do you make of this?

"Apparently, Facebook can take photos, send texts and even record calls, all without your permission. Meaning you’ll have no control over what it’s doing behind the scenes whatsoever"
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Zacsmaster people out there can hack your computer and use it record/view you from your computer so why not your phone/Device?
Can they? What evidence do you have for this?
That is about webcams.
Not Facebook.
I always check the permissions needed for apps for my tablet and smartphone.
Why does a photo editing app need access to my emails, phone contacts and location?

It is surprising the amount of irrelevant info many apps demand access to. If I'm not happy, I don't install them.
I do not believe that it is beyond the wit of programmers to write an app that uses the mobile camera unbidden. Experience regularly proves mobile phones do many things they've not been asked by their owner to do. And many apps list permissions it'll assume you've given it when installed, many it seems difficult to justify and which most users have insufficient knowledge to know if it's above board. They either have to accept or miss out. Phones should be designed such that the owner can deny individual "permissions" and see if it all still works ok.
It happens, this is why I posted this thread earlier tonight

The link to the Huffington Post feature about Messenger is scary indeed. Yes, you have to give the app permission, but how many people really read and/or understand what they are signing up to when they tick the Yes box?
Hmmm hans, I'm still not convinced :-(
Even if one Does Not have the Messenger App it is still the case that Facebook can track and record from your Smart Phone. I feel fairly sure that it is possible for AB to track us for targeted adverts. Other Messenger services such as ' WhatsApp' can do likewise.

Thanks Hans, I am sure you are right. These things are far more insidious than most of us realise.

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Phone Apps Permissions

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