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sandbach99 | 14:11 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Technology
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I have heard of a web site for sale for personnal reasons, I am considering buying it, I have checked it on the web, it comes up on search engines.

What are the pitfalls I should be aware of, has anyone else bought a web site?    any advice gratefully received


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by buying a website, do you mean buying a web domain name?

if so, not really many pitalls. for one, your name and address may be revealed on WHOIS records, but thats all. if you want it, get it....
I think my address comes up as a joke address I entered during a fit of paranoia when asking for free webspace (before I upgraded, paid for more and also the domain name).

If it's a site that you already use you should have an idea of how well it works. Something that you'll probably not have considered is how many hits it gets, the quality of those in generating income particularly from any ads on the site etc.

I wouldn't imagine that you could buy the site and just sit back letting the money roll in. If that was the case then no personal circumstances would ever prompt anyone to sell the site.
I'd be more than a little wary.
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Thanks for replies  it is a site I have used   He has 40k hits a month at present vervied  It is a subscriber site and he is fed up with it now he has a young family.  Takes 2=3 hours per week      Yes I have now bought it    Keeping my fingers crossed now
What site and how much?

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