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fredrika | 15:28 Thu 28th Aug 2014 | Technology
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Stupidly I have removed Outlook Express 10 from Windows 7. Websites are shown to re-install but which one to trust? Any advice would be
welcome. Thank you.


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Yes you should re-install it.
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Thank you I will, but looking at Google I do not know which site to use. Any more advice would be useful.
I didn't think Outlook Express was compatible with Windows 7.

Hopefully I am wrong and there a Techie in AB who is able to help you.

I dont think you mean Outlook Express (which is for email and came with Windows XP).

Do you mean Internet Explorer?
VHG...I certainly think that you are on the right track and fredrika does mean Internet Explorer.

It now needs fredrika to respond to your question for advice on putting matters right.

Question Author
You are right. The programme is Microsoft Outlook 10! Sorry for the confusion. My shortcut is still on the desktop and when opened I have the mail page but it says it cannot configure. Hope that makes sense?
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You are right the programme is Microsoft Outlook 10. Sorry for the confusion. The mail page is there but tells me it cannot configure.

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