Urgent Help Needed No Such Interface Supported Message So Cannot Open Any Programmes

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Galaxy1965 | 15:50 Fri 15th Aug 2014 | Technology
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I ran a PC Health Check and now I cannot open any programmes on my laptop, when I try to open a programme I get the message "No Such Interface Supported".
I have tried to download software to repair this, but once I have downloaded the software and try to open I still get the message "No Such Interface Supported".
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance


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What operating system are you using?
Have you tried rebooting?
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Windows 7, yes I have tried rebooting several times but it makes no difference.
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Can you do a system restore. Press Start button bottom left in search box type system restore it will appear above click on it a follow wizard. It will reboot computer at a previous date if you have created one automatically before.
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When I search for System Restore the message " There is no programme associated to perform the requested action. Please install a program or, if one is installed, create an association in the Default Program control panel".
Can't even open Control Panel.
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Or open Default Programs
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What program did you use to run the PC health check with? It sounds like whatever it was has locked you out of your system until you pay for them to 'clean' it up. Whatever you do don't use the program again. Try going into safe mode on your PC and uninstalling the program you used, also if you have Malwarebytes anti malware do a scan with that whilst in safe mode.
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Right, after doing some 'Googling' and reading some fixes for your issue I have come to the conclusion that unless you are comfortable extensively editing your registry manually, it would be advisable for you to take your PC to someone who can fix it for you.
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>>>I ran a PC Health Check

What with? Was it a reliable product that, for example, came supplied with your computer or was it perhaps something that you downloaded after seeing a pop-up on your computer?

Can you get to 'Run' from the Start button. If so, try typing 'rstrui.exe' (without the quote marks) and clicking 'OK', to see if you can get to System Restore that way.
What Windows O/S?

Can you 'boot' into Safe Mode?
Do you have the original Windows 7 disc for your PC?
Another go:
Download the installation file for CCleaner onto another computer and copy it to a USB stick. Insert the stick into the troubled computer and run the installation file by double-clicking on it. Once installed, follow the solution used by WaxyChicken (in post #5) here:

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Urgent Help Needed No Such Interface Supported Message So Cannot Open Any Programmes

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