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kelsolane | 19:54 Fri 01st Aug 2014 | Technology
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Hi I have the above but only 1 lead from dish can I use a splitter so I can record as well or do I need to run a second lead from dish thanks


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You need a second lead.
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Ok thankyou
To get one fitted, a local aerial rigger will do the job much cheaper than Sky.
Himself has done this himself, can't be that difficult.
You can record the channel you are watching with just the one input.

Turn the power off at the wall - and connect the cable to lnb1 on back of the box.

Turn the box back on.

You then got to settings, press 0 (zero) then 1 then select - you then get into the hidden menu and from there you select Single feed mode. Turn it on.

You can't record say BBC1 and watch BBC2 at the same time. - for that you would need a second cable from your dish. If you do that, you may need an new lnb - thats the bit the cables come out of - as yours might only have one output.

Erm, yes you can.
Zacs - I can assure you that you can only record one channel with a single feed and you have to watch that same channel or watch something you've recorded instead.

Both my boxes have only a single feed.
We'll, we have the standard set up and you can watch one channel and record another

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