Received New Mobile Phone Even Though Contract Declined

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JG1965 | 14:47 Mon 30th Jun 2014 | Technology
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My friend decided to get a new mobile and ordered one online at Vodafone on a £13 a month contract, she received the mobile within a few days but no sign of the contract, she has spend hours on the phone trying to find out when her mobile would be activated and was told it would take between 2 hour for the sim to activated, then she was told up to 48 hours, then she was told there was a tecnical fault, she has been put though to three different departments before finally today she was told her contract had been declined but no explanation why, so she asked them to send her an envelope to return the mobile but they told her as she had bought it through there website she would have to take it to the nearest Vodafone shop, but she does live near a Vodafone shop, Vodafone said as the mobile was not sent out directly from them they could not send out a envelope but as nothing came with the mobile to say where it was send from she does not know where to return it and Vodafone say they don't have the details and they won't charge her for keeping the mobile. What she wants to know why does Vodafone not know where the mobiles are sent from and why can't she not return it to them by post when it was ordered through there website? If she keeps the mobile will whoever send it charge her the full price for it even though she does not know who sent it? Sorry for the long message but she is getting no-where with Vodafone.
She would be grateful for any advise about this as she has spent nearly 6 hours on the telephone to Vodafone and she is getting no where, she just has to keep repeating herself which is driving her mad.


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phone the vodaphone shop .tell them you will bring it in when next there and GET a receipt for it

Very often part of Activating a new phone is to
"Turn it off, then back on again"
Try it.
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No, at least she's not the only one having problems with Vodafone

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Received New Mobile Phone Even Though Contract Declined

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