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SAH | 11:42 Fri 19th Aug 2005 | Technology
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Can anyone tell me which ARGOS branch sells this Set Top Box, all the stores I've been to are now replacing it with another model. Surely there must a store selling this model somewhere. I've tried contacting ARGOS Customer Services but they can only check on which stores have this item in stock but not which model they are selling!

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SAH, Can you not buy the item online? 
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No LostSheep, I've looked but I can't find a website online anywhere...:-(

Why can't you buy it online through the Argos website?
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LostSheep - The problem is that when you ring up ARGOS to check the stock, you are told that the advertised model maybe replaced by an alternative model. I want the one that is advertised in their catalogue NOT the alternative. It seems the only way I can find out which stores have the model that I want in stock is by visiting each store in person, because you can't even ring up an ARGOS store and speak to a human being these days! I could order it online, but there would be no guarantee I would receive the model I want and just to complicate matters further, all Freeview boxes sold by ARGOS are Non-Returnable which would mean I'd be stuck with an unwanted Freeview Box.....:-(

I see your problem, SAH. That particular model is very hard to find and it seems the only stockist is Argos unfortunately. Amazon do a couple of Philips Set Top boxes but not that model.

Sorry I couldn't be more help!!

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According to Philips it's apparently quite a new model and so not many shops have them yet.From that I'd guess ARGOS are selling off their old stock first.

Hey don't worry LostSheep if nothing else you've been a great sanity check for me! :-)

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