Duplicate Texts Arriving On Mobile - Help!

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alzheimer | 15:16 Tue 22nd Apr 2014 | Technology
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Afternoon All.....I have suddenly developed a problem with my trusty NOKIA 310 mobile phone (which is on o2)...with duplicate text messages arriving - as many as 10 or so over the period of some hours - but ONLY from one sender!
She has a SAMSUNG TONE on Orange....and of course neither of us OAPs has a clue why or more importantly how to stop it happening!!
When I Googled this I got informed it was the senders phone that was the problem and frankly I believe it as I have texts arriving from and going all over the world and no other sender has this problem.
Needless to say my friend was told otherwise by Orange when she phoned them and was advised that o2 has a problem...eek! That in my mind does NOT explain why only her messages arrive in duplicate - but what do I know!
Any suggestions and advice/help would be very much appreciated as I am weary of getting texts during the night......not so LOL!!!


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Her handset or maybe Orange must be having an issue realising a message has been sent correctly and retries ? Or maybe a link between Orange and O2 has developed a problem and they each blame the other ?
Oh you could turn off your mobile at night ?
Are there other Orange users having the same issue to you ?
If so there's not much you can do until they fix the issue.
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Hi OG....I already have been switching my Nokia to silent at night -but as I am a bit of an invalid right now - need access to my phone in times of trouble ..not so LOL
Other people on Orange having no problems and their texts arrive safely and far's just my chum up the road whose "multiple "texts keep arriving..;
Ask them to use their spare handset.
Folk should have a cheap working one in reserve in case of problems.
It's beginning to suggest their handset has a radio communication issue :-(
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Sadly my mean old Aberdonian friend does not have a spare handset..... She struggles to use a mobile at all - she does not even have a computer and is a complete technophobe! She can't even change a battery in her remote-control for her television..eek!
I have just asked her to reboot her phone and/or to restore it to factory settings..... I wouldn't like to print her response..LOL
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Apparently this problem about multiple texts arriving is quite a common thing..... I have just contacted O2 myself but the lad there was less than helpful.... Obviously a new apprentice!!!
From a number of similar web queries about Samsun Note mobiles..... They are particularly prone to spitting out repeat texts..... So it looks like I'm stuck with them arriving until their glitch is mended;>>((
Unless anybody has any other suggestions?

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Duplicate Texts Arriving On Mobile - Help!

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