What's Gone Wrong With Television Signals?

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ruthandsam | 15:15 Fri 28th Mar 2014 | Technology
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First tv is upstairs uses a FreeView signal. TV states no signal.

Second tv downstairs uses Sky signal. States no signal so can't watch either tv.

Sky broadband is working fine.

Please can you explain what the possible cause could be and how to correct it? Usually the guys of the house sort these things out but I'm home alone. All plugs, leads, card, etc have been taken out and reinserted but to no avail.

Many thanks.......


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Have you tried unplugging everything and starting afresh.
For your freeview TV , unplug everything, switch back on - if still no good, press menu and retune the channels?
when I have loss of signal I have to press and hold stand by button on remote for a few seconds then when screen lights up press the sky button . Hope this helps
I assume that both TVs are completely separate, i.e. you don't have a box that links them both. It seems odd that both would not be working.

Are the no signal messages coming from the TVs or the connected boxes?

Are you selecting the correct input on each TV? Either AV1 or HDMI1 etc.?

If Freeview is built in, the first TV may have been accidentally set to the old analogue signal, which isn't there any longer and would give the "no signal" message. You may need to press the DTV (or similar) button to switch back to digital.

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What's Gone Wrong With Television Signals?

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