How To Send Email To Entire Contacts List

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Infomaniac | 12:46 Wed 26th Feb 2014 | Technology
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It seems that someone has sent an email with some sort of attachment to everyone in my contacts list. Could someone please tell me how I can send an email to my entire contacts list warning them that it is not from me.


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Before you do anything, change your password.

Do it now....

Once you've done that come back and we'll work out how to let folk know the spam wasn't from you.
Do as suggested by Maydup....Change your password immediately. Please include in your next posting the name of your E/mail programme.( Outlook, Yahoo, Windows Live, G/mail, or whatever.)


When you select template for new message the To: field should have a link which when you click on word - To: - shows all your contacts. Use mouse to highlight and select all.
How are you doing info?
Do not, under any circumstances, do what grasscarp says. That will put your entire collection of email addresses into the To: box!!! All of your contacts will see all of your other contacts' email address, a huge invasion of privacy.

If you absolutely must do this, put the addresses into the Bcc box.
......and do nothing before you have changed your password as your inbox has been taken over by a hacker/spammer. Once the password is changed it will be yours again and you can do as jeffa suggests.
Info, if it's the sort of email you wouldn't send your friends and contacts, they'll probably realise that your account's been hacked anyway - you don't need to tell them. I hope you've changed your password by now....
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"If it's not in your "Sent Items" you never sent it. Do change your email password anyway .. just in case."

If the OP's account has indeed been hacked and the hacker has logged in to send the dodgy email to the OP's entire address book, just how difficult do you think it would have been for the hacker to remove that email from the Sent Items folder?
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Sorry I've only just got round to thanking you all for your advice. I did change my password immediately. I subsequently discovered a new email address had been created on my account but I was unable to delete it. However, after several hours talking to BT - groan groan - everything was sorted out. It seems the email was one of those asking for money because I'd apparently been mugged in Greece. It did cause one of my friends - in Canada no less - to telephone me on my mobile to see if I was OK because he didn't know I wasn't in Greece! Thanks again for all your responses.

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How To Send Email To Entire Contacts List

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