Removing Icons From Toolbar On Firefox

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toalisi | 14:23 Mon 03rd Feb 2014 | Technology
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I have just installed Firefox and there are numerous icons
on the toolbar. I am on Windows 7

Can someone please tell me how I can delete the bookmark icons?
(in lay terms as I am not very techy minded).

Can it be done with some free software?

Thanks for any advice.


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it should say "unpin this program from taskbar" when you right-click. (This is the bar across the bottom of your screen.)

The slight advantage of icons on the taskbar is that you only have to click once on them, not double click, and you can see them when you've got something else on the screen.
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Thanks to both of you.

The icons are in a line near the top and are ebay, facebook, etc (10 in all)
When I tight click all that happens is it opens the page for the one I clicked.
You can choose which toolbars are displayed either from the Toolbars option in the View Menu or by right-clicking on any toolbar and unticking the one that you don't want.

If it's the bookmarks themselves of which you want to be rid then use this
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Thanks bibblebub for the link.

It's the bookmarks I want to be rid of, and your link looks like
just what I need.
Or Left Click on Bookmarks at the top of the screen. Then Right Click on the webpage you want to delete and then click Delete.
jolly good, hope you get it to be as you would like

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Removing Icons From Toolbar On Firefox

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