Digibox Or Alternative?

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MustangLady | 22:42 Sun 22nd Dec 2013 | Technology
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I have a small tv in my bedroom which I cannot use as I have no ariel or sky/virgin connection etc reaching my bedroom, which is upstairs.
If I was to purchase a digibox or freesat box for my tv, firstly do i still need an ariel connection or does the box work without it (sorry if this is stupid question). If ariel is needed, would just fitting a small portable ariel to my tv be strong enough to get a signal. Thankyou for advice. Also if anyone could recommend type/make of digibox or freesat and maybe where to purchase type of ariel, if needed?


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A freesat box will need connecting to a dish (same as a sky dish).

A freeview digibox needs an aerial - a (good) indoor one might work if you live in a reasonably strong signal area - make sure you get one that is optimised for freeview and is (preferably) on sale or return.

Amazon have an aerial : User Recommendation

Good freeview digibox brands include Humax, Panasonic and Philips - but you may pick up a cheap one from Aldi/Lidl that works just as well.
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Sunny-dave. Thankyou so much. Will look out for digibix and good indoor ariel, as you mentioned. Have good christmas and Happy new year.
A pleasure - I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year too

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How old is the small TV? It may have a freeview decoder built in. Before you spend any money on it plug it into your main aerial and see if you can get a picture. If you can, all you need is the indoor aerial. If not then you will need a digibox as well.
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Thankyou again. Having checked, no decoder on tv so digibox needed :-)
I bought a Freeview digibox and indoor aerial at Tesco. Before parting with my hard earned folding I asked them about returns if the signal wasn't good enough on my manor and they said if I brought it all back with receipts and original packaging so they could sell it again within 14 days I'd get a full refund.

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