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fredrika | 17:06 Mon 16th Dec 2013 | Technology
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I wish to print out a list of my e-mail address. I cannot find instructions for this. I am using Windows 7 Microsoft outlook 2010. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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You can probably export the email addresses from Outlook into a external file (maybe a CSV file - Comma Separated Variable file).

You could then try to import this external file into Excel or Word or some other spreadsheet or word processor.

Then print out the Word or Excel file.

Look for an option like Export on your Outlook menus.
Another option, albeit a bit clumsy;

Open your contacts list

"Print Screen" or highlight all the entries and "copy"

open "word"

ctrl+v to paste into a new document.

You can now print the document.
Yep - just highlight and paste into Word. Simple - even I could do it!

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Printing Out

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