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Aquagility | 10:16 Mon 09th Dec 2013 | Technology
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Do any of you know where I can buy a simple digital room thermometer with a LED (not LCD) display? There are loads of alarm clocks available with this function, but this ancient insomniac needs a device which shows the temperature all the time.


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Thanks, Buenchico. Best idea so far, but much too complex for the purpose I have in mind. It needs to show just the temperature, all the time, in a large bright display!
Digital Room Thermometers
^^^^Sorry. Total error. I typed in the wrong place for a search.

What makes it difficult is your stipulation that the display must be LED.

Plenty of LCD Room Thermometers. Here's a few cheap ones. :- User Recommendation
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Thanks, Alex. It has to be LED, so that the patient can read it at night without switching on the light.
This device may do what you want – but it is designed for panel mounting; if used stand-alone, care should be taken to ensure that the mains is not accessible once wired to a mains plug. If in doubt, get a qualified person to attach the mains plug/lead.
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Hymie, I think you've cracked it! I'm a little concerned that Features lists "large and clear LCD display", but further on the Spec confirms that it's LED. Plus the illustration, plus the fact that it's mains powered. So I've ordered one anyway. Thanks, Hymie, and all who took the trouble to post ideas. Aq.

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Digital Thermometer

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