New Phone Call Scam..

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piggynose | 11:09 Sat 07th Dec 2013 | Technology
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if you phone a certain landline or mobile number, you'll be charged a cool 1000 euros, ouch!!


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What number? Let us know so we can avoid it and warn others.
Only have a Pay as you go mobile so it could not happen to me.
This sounds like an "urban myth" to me.

Just out of curiosity how are they going to collect that then?

What are the numbers so that we can avoid them?

Where did you get such a useful piece of information?
I think I've heard about this.

There's a helpline you can call to get more info...

Helpline at 0845SCAMMER
Not true.
Don't believe a word of it. No connection charge is anything like that high.
piggynose isn't in the UK, I think
Can't see how this can work...another urban myth I'm afraid.
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sorry folks for not getting back to you. I was given 2 telephone numbers, both spanish, 1 a landline number, and the other is a mobile. Its no joke. due to common sense, i'm not going to reveal them in case they get into the wrong hands, eg if a child sees this. Say given, a friend of my g'friend emailed her the numbers. ideally it is an urban myth
Well, if you don't tell us it's a bit of a pointless post.
Question Author
dont worry zacmaster, if you really must have these numbers, just give me a throwaway email address, and i'll kindly send you them.
And then Zacs will kindly post them here.

Question Author
now the question is will zac post the numbers here after he's lost a grand?
as baldric says how do these scammers get the money .Does it appear on your bill and if so you are paying it to you provider who then hand it over to the scammer .Have ask this before and still
don't understand it.
Cant you just post them without the last three numbers or something?
Question Author
dont worry, i will post the numbers, but it wont be for a few days, due to my g'friend not using the internet that often. bear with me
This post is a scam I reckon.

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New Phone Call Scam..

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