Warning About Phone Calls From Computer Technical Support

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VHG | 10:56 Sat 07th Dec 2013 | Technology
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This is a warning if any of you get a call from someone saying they are from "computer support" or "technical support" regarding your computer.

It may also be useful to pass this information on to any friends or relatives who use computers on a regular basis, particularly vulnerable elderly people.

I know these types of calls have been mentioned on here before, but it never hurts to remind people.

Just this morning, Saturday 7th December at 9:30am, I was "cold called" by someone saying they were "Microsoft Technical Support" phoning up about my "Windows computer". THESE CALLS ARE A SCAM.

The words used by these callers can vary, but basically they will say they have been monitoring your computer and it has severe errors (or a virus) that needs fixing. THIS IS A LIE.

They will often offer to fix these problem for a fee, and ask you to give them your credit card details. NEVER GIVE A COLD CALLER YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS.

They may also ask to install some software on your computer so they can see what is going on. Genuine support companies like Dell do sometimes install software on your PC to see what is going on.

However the software these people install may be used to steal information on your PC, or to install a "keylogger" which will capture all your keyboard strokes so they can steal your userids and passwords, or online banking information.

NEVER LET ANYONE (except for official support groups) INSTALL SOFTWARE ON YOUR PC.


If you get this type of call then just hang up.

DONT talk to them, DONT give them any personal information, DONT give them information about the computer you are using, DONT give them details of your userids and passwords, DONT give them your credit card details.



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I had one of these a few weeks ago, after they had anounced themselves I said 'and now you are going to tell me I have a problem with my computer and you are going to fix it for me'....they rang off.
My mum has had a few of these calls...she tells them that her with such matters ...they hang up when they realize they may get sussed !
Let them explain everything they can do for your 'Windows Computer' then simply tell them you have a Mac.
I like to lead them on a little and get them to explain the problems in detail and then to tell them I don't even have a computer.
but vhg, it's fun to bait them - if they tell you they've been monitoring your computer, ask them "which one?" they will respond vaguely but you must insist they identify which of your 3 they've been monitoring. if they guess, tell them that particular machine is running Linux and invite them to guess again. the scope for tying them in knots is immense.....
I did that for a while , then one very pushy lady told me I was lying !!

Now I say I have a mac (which is true, the second one is) but I'm not admitting to anything else
Question Author
>>>but vhg, it's fun to bait them

For people who are technically aware it may be fun to bait them.

For any elderly person (or even young person) who does not quite understand how these computers work it may be they think it is a genuine call.

I have seen and read of many people who have been conned out of hundreds of pounds by these people.

My update is aimed at non-technical people, not people who know the difference between a Windows PC, a Mac, and Linux, I assume they will know these calls are a con.
I guess it bears repeating for the new to computing, but I do think it very old news.
Question Author
Old news if you have come across it before.

NOT old news if you know nothing about it.

People are STILL falling for all sorts of scams so news like this needs repeating over and over and over again.

Also remember many people are still new to home computing so it never hurts to let them know.
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A good posting VHG. It is surprising how many people who are Not really stupid, but can fall for a scam. One Cannot be reminded too many times about unsolicited telephone calls or e/mails.

I go along with all you have said.

I am certainly stupid....can't even spell my own name.^^^

How does Ratter communicate with us if he doesn't have a computer - by the sheep or chicken machines....that's baananas or he is egging us on.
I have read a lot about Ratter in AB , even before I became a member and was just 'looking-in'.

I think he's a great guy who recently has moved to North Wales and, although now resident in a somewhat remote location, he does have Internet connection. I think he has a great sense of humour and just plays along stupid telephone perhaps we all should.

Alex - I am taking the piss you know......
Dare I ask..." Why DT ?" "Is Not the OP a serious issue"?.
o they have come back have they ?

I usually deny their first statement and ring off

we have detected a problem...
I have no problem with my computer...bye

One boiler room penny shares guy - do you want to rich ?
and I said no thank you I am rich enough as it is.
alex -you are new and thanks for the pop advice and malware -
but some people take the p+ss .... because they do.

remember - do not feed the troll.

have a look at the Nelson M threads - there is some really bad tempered dialog to be sampled....
Christ, someone has lost their sense of humour tonight............
Got one of these calls on Saturday - just as we were going out!

So I didn't get to play with them! Had to say that we didn't have a computer!

Not a lie - got more than one!!

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