Slow Computer Speed Cured (Hopefully)

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denis567 | 23:49 Thu 28th Nov 2013 | Technology
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For many months I have had a lot of trouble with the speed of my laptop (Acer Aspire 5315 on Vista and Firefox)
Some days it was so slow, I just turned it off in frustation.
I tried all sorts to try and rectify it, but no luck.
I now think I have found the reason. Some time ago, I downloaded the Nectar tool bar, wth the intention of gaining extra Nectar points.
One day last week, I was having more than the usual trouble with Firefox, so I decided to try Internet Explorer ( which I don't normally use ). This did not have the Nectar toolbar, and I could not believe the increase in speed, Since then I have used both IE and Chrome, and I am still getting a satisfactory speed.
I cannot think why the Nectar toolbar should slow it down, perhaps someone has an explanation?


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I suspect this is the 'toolbar' you installed?

As you can see from the description the toolbar would have checked every web page you visited and obviously slowed down your browser whilst doing so. I expect it would have tried to offer you 'targeted' advertising based on your surfing habits. Info on web pages visited may well have been sent back to Nectar as well for their marketing purposes.

I generally find toolbars a waste of time and as you've found out, slow down your browsing unacceptably.

Just disable the toolbar in FF and remove it from programs and features via Control Panel. Fortunately this toolbar is not considered Malware so should remove easily.
Mostly laptop runs slow issue occurs due to broken Windows registry entries. Fixing registry will help you to boost up your laptop. You need to download and install a Registry Cleaner program to fix corrupt or broken registry entries. To download a reliable registry cleaner, go to famous website download.cnet and search there Reginout. Which I personally use and recommend the friends. After downloading run all of its tools one by one except Internet Optimizer, to clean all the junks and registry errors from your computer.
You do not need a registry cleaner!!
i was having a lot of problems with a very slow running laptop for quite a while and then more serious problems having my browser hi-jacked. i ended up having to take the laptop back to factory settings which was a pain but worked wonders, it was literally like having a new laptop again. it did mean having to save all the stuff on it in advance, and then having to re-download or install other stuff but worth it. after i did that i got a good anti-spyware programme which i run regularly and it detects and gets rid of these things which, among other nasty things they do, slow your computer down greatly. i always had good anti-virus software but these do not prevent trojans and rootkits (whatever they are - they are very unpleasant to have on your computer). since getting the anti-spyware, alongside the anti-virus i have had a wonderfully performing laptop. oh, and be careful of free software such as open office, looks like a bargain until you get loads of unwanted other stuff with it.
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Thanks to everyone for your contributions.
With Firefox I was getting all sorts of problems which have now disappeared with OE
I do have a registry cleaner programme (Registry Booster from Regcure) which always managed to find loads of items to fix, so I am hoping that there will be fewer of those
Thanks for the advice about Open Office, I do have it, but rarely use it, so I might uninstall that.
I used to have open office, downloaded with no problems. it is just recently it seems to come along with this spyware programme which hijacks your browser, all browsers in fact. i have spyhunter installed which does have mixed reviews but so far it has found and eliminated dozens of items of spyware. i have no idea how these get onto the computer just browsing seems to make you vulnerable and i would not now be without it, or some other spyware detection and elimination programme.

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Slow Computer Speed Cured (Hopefully)

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