Iphone 5 Email Alerts

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whatwhat | 09:47 Sun 10th Nov 2013 | Technology
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I have recently inherited my mums iPhone 5. It keeps alerting me to my new emails (day and night) so I changed the setting to 'none' but it still alerts me. So I took it to the apple store.. He didn't know why it was doing this, but showed be how to use the 'do not disturb' for night. As I had other issues too he told me to come back to the genius bar(!) I did and they just gave me a new phone!!! But this one still alerts me to emails!!! What am I doing wrong please! I set me do not disturb to stop at 7 In case I need to be contacted for work.. But forget to change it for weekends and it's like an alarm!!!
Any ideas??? :-)


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Have you tries the Airplane mode?
Go to settings, sounds, there is a range of sounds listed. The bar at the top is like a volume one. I turned that right down. Further down the page are your mail settings. Check those to make sure they are ok.
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The man at Apple suggested this to prolong the battery.. But forgive me for being old fashioned, but I'd still like to make and receive calls on my phone!!! It's a pain to be woken first thing to a crappy email. But them they come frequently through the day (and 95% of them are of little interest!)
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The new mail is set to vibrate only and the volume is as low as it can go!?
Don't include Mail in the Notifications
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Do you mind telling me how I do that??!! Thanks x
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It's set to include 10 unread items.. But can't find where to cut it out all together
Settings/Notification Center/Mail
I am using an ipad2 but if you tap on the 'new mail' in sounds I can change it to none. I was having the same problem.
Settings/Notification Center/Mail/Show In Notification Center
Just had another look at settings. Go to 'do not disturb' & turn manual on. Also at the bottom of this page 'Silence' tick the box for 'always'.

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Iphone 5 Email Alerts

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