Unable To Delete Google History

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Explorer-8 | 18:08 Mon 28th Oct 2013 | Technology
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I am using Firefox with Linux. I have deleted my search history from the "show all history" menu. I cannot delete my browsing history from Google. When I type in any letters it shows all my previous browsing words. I have tried "Firefox > History > Clear recent history > details > choose all options > clear now", but that didn't make any difference. Internet Explorer used to delete browsing history from the tools menu, but there isn't anything like that in Firefox. Please help!


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Tools > Options > Privacy > Location Bar.
Select either 'Bookmarks' or 'Nothing'.
you can get Firefox to delete all your browsing history every time you close it, which I find useful. Help > Firefox Help > Privacy and security settings > How do I make Firefox clear my history automatically?
what are you all browsing for that you have to be so secretive ;)
I could tell you - but we'd have to shoot you ... ;)
I've just noticed that it's your web searches, rather than your address bar, that's causing the problem.

See here:
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Thank you - it worked.

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Unable To Delete Google History

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