Buying Addition Ram...

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China Doll | 15:47 Fri 04th Oct 2013 | Technology
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Any personal recommendations other than Crucial or Mr Memory? Ta.


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Sorry, it's me not her ;-p
thank ewe for sorting that out
Have to say the times I have bought it has been from one of the two you mention.
I have Corsair ( DDR3 modules in my PC, fitted by the maunfacturer. They come with a lifetime warranty.
That is b-a-a-a-d jno.

Of course I meant - and originally typed 'RAM'. Another example of the stupid lower case convention used on here.
I've always used them too O_G but I'm tight and want to see if I can get a matching pair of 8GB sticks for less than £120.
For what it is worth I have found a note suggesting I was looking at pixmania as a possible source once, but I can't tell from looking at it if I used them or went elsewhere. Sorry.

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Buying Addition Ram...

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