Technical Query, If I Have Adobe Reader, Does This Mean I Also Have The Acrobat?

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piggynose | 08:56 Fri 20th Sep 2013 | Technology
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A file i am trying to download say i need the adobe acrobat reader, but i only have the acrobat reader, is it the same?


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Yes, it's the same.
Acrobat Professional lets you make documents, edit documents, add hyperlinks, make forms, re-order pages, add notes and make correction to a pdf document.

Acrobat reader just lets you view the results of Acrobat Professional or any other .pdf writer.
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You're probably better off without Adobe Reader anyway. It's bulky software that can slow your computer, with some files taking ages to load (or not even opening at all). Although websites always say that you need Adobe Reader to open PDF files (because Adobe actually invented the format) there are now other PDF readers that can do the job far better. Hackers also write viruses which are specifically designed to target Adobe Reader as a way into people's computers.

The most popular alternative (widely recommended here on AB) is Foxit:
but I've never tried it simply because I love SumatraPDF:
Pdf's have always opened fine in Acrobat Reader for me.
Firefox can open pdf files. Not sure about other browsers.

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Technical Query, If I Have Adobe Reader, Does This Mean I Also Have The Acrobat?

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