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muskox | 11:38 Wed 11th Sep 2013 | Technology
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After 25 Microsoft updates which came up automatically on my computer, all my stored Microsoft word documents on my computer desktop have been changed into Microsoft Office documents which I can not access unless I buy the package, which I don't want to.
I have tried to use system restore, but to no avail.
I have got 'Bitdefender' as my security package.
Please advise


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Can you click on them and select the 'open as...' option?
Did you use Word to open the files before (or did you use some other program like Open Office?).

If you used Word before you should till be able to use Word now.

When you say they are now "Microsoft Office" documents, where do you actually see that.
Odd !
If you had MS Office already on your computer and MS Word was installed then your Word documents will still be word documents.
what is the suffix/extension after the file names ?

I have never heard of Office documents as such, Word or Excel etc but not Office, and i have been using Office since it came out !
Libre Office is good and it is free
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Thank you all for your comments. Microsoft helpline said that my computer had been hacked into and the only solution was to buy Microsoft Office at £180 to resolve the problem. They then spent an hour sorting out the problem remotely.
Wasn't a phonecall you received was it, from someone in India perhaps.
Err, I think you've just been scammed.

To be on the safe side I'd change any passwords you have for email, banking and log ins for anything sensitive.
Also, if you've paid any money to them using credit/debit cards, then I'd cancel them and use different 'pins' on their replacements.
Dear old muskie, I fink you been 'ad. It would be worth having a chat with someone at Trading Standards (who seem to have become useless) or the local police, as this appears to be fraud that has been committed on you. It is a rotten feeling when it happens, so big hugs and chin up.
I hope we were wrong on this, muskox. Let us know if you need further thoughts on what to do next
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Yes, the company involved is based in India. Had a horrible feeling that it might be a scam. I am usually so suspicious of unexpected things happening. Have asked for legal advice from answerbank readers and have contacted Citizen's Advice Bureau. Not sure whether I can cancel the transaction (using credit card) as I signed several online 'agreements'. What a fool I am.
Thank you all so much for being so understanding.
Without wishing to compound your embarassment, could this have been your engineer?
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