Scanning Media On An Android Phone

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jkelly24 | 20:10 Mon 24th Jun 2013 | Technology
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Firstly please excuse my complete lack of knowledge of android phones.My mother has a Samsung Galaxy ace but she only wants to use it for calls and texts and does not want to incur any charges for internet usage. When she turns on the phone it says scanning for media for a few seconds does this mean the internet is running and will she be charged anything? Hope the question makes sense. Many thanks


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Mine's like this - there will be a control instruction in the phone somewhere that she can disable so she can't get the internet (I switched mine off when we went abroad recently so I didn't get downloads when I was away.) Mine is on the Settings panel.
For 3G
Menu => Settings => Wireless and Network => Mobile Networks =>
Use Packet Data => Disable
Data Roaming => Disable

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so does it sound like her internet is switched on then? Her grandson has set up the phone for her and I assumed he had turned the internet off
Go to settings and disable the internet option
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She insists that the grandson has disabled the internet but would it still scan if it was disabled?
The phone might search for it, but it wouldn't be able to connect if the link is disabled. I must admit that to be certain, I took mine into my local phone shop and they checked the setting.

Do you still have the phone manual, so you could look up what you need to look for?
Yes, the phone scans internally every time you switch it on. I believe it's checking the memory card. Nothing to do with the internet.
It maybe that there is a virus scanner installed that is scanning the system, I don't think that would be connecting to the internet accept to update itself.
Actually chrisgel, Im sure you are right, I hardly ever turn mine off but I do remember it going through this process when I do turn it on.
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she won't let anyone but the grandson near the phone but I was not sure what the 'scanning for media' meant and if it was anything to do with the internet.. I will try and get her to take it into a nearby store for them to set it for her but think I may meet with some resistance! Thanks for everyones patience and advice
Actually it just means it's scanning the SD memory card for pictures, videos, and other content.

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Scanning Media On An Android Phone

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