Autofocus On Canon 450D Stopped Working

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Gromit33 | 17:09 Sat 01st Jun 2013 | Technology
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Hi all,
Could anyone help- the Autofocus on my Canon 450D has stopped working. When I depress the shutter button all I get is a dry click rather than the beep and the red focus. It was fine last time I used it and I haven't knowingly changed any of the settings. Battery life seems OK.


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Could you have accidently changed the auto/manual focus slider on the lens mount?
It is at least worth trying new batteries, some digitals are very 'fussy' about full power in the batteries.
As per Baldric, the AF/MF switch on Canon lenses is pretty easy to knock to MF, failing that, take both batteries out (main and coin cell) and let it sit for an hour before replacing, still no go, try resetting to factory settings (in the menu somewhere). Also clean the contacts on the lens and body, use a pencil rubber but be sure not to get any of the rubber bits into the body of the camera (I do mine upside down). If possible try another lens on the camera, if you don't have one maybe borrow one or try one in a shop.
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Thanks everyone, I'll give those a try.

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Autofocus On Canon 450D Stopped Working

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