Root Samsung Galaxy Ace To Free Up Memory?

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flobadob | 13:39 Tue 07th May 2013 | Technology
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I find with my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone that it is constantly giving the internal memory as full. Whatsapp inparticular takes up 14MB of its 180MB internal memoryand although Ive got a 16GB sd card this does not help when apps require to be held on the internal memory.

I found this page that talks about this issue and mentions rooting the phone and downloading an a called Link2Sd, but all the information is scattered around various sites.

Can anyone help me with this, or is there perhaps a site with the process to carry this out laid out so as a monkey could have a go at it. It means I will not be constantly needing to delete appas and data on the phone.



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Root Samsung Galaxy Ace To Free Up Memory?

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