Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 V Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

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BobbyBobBob | 17:49 Sat 27th Apr 2013 | Technology
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Hi pondering as to which one of the above phones I should get when my current contract expires.

I notice the galaxy ace 2 only has 768 mb of RAM whereas the galaxy s3 mini has 1, there significant noticeable difference between the two on how it will affect the functionality of the phone?

Also, the CPU speed is 0.8ghz on the galaxy ace 2 and 1.0ghz on the galaxy s3 mini............again is this a significant difference. for somebody that isn't a real techie person but likes a decent phone will I notice these smaller differences if I opt for the galaxy ace 2?

Finally, the galaxy s3 mini has a pretty large 16gb of storage whereas the galaxy ace 2 has 4gb. There is the option to get a 32gb storage card but how exactly does this work?............what I mean by that is, if all the 4gb of internal storage is used by photos, apps and music etc......will I be able to get a 32gb storage card put it in the phone and have more space to add more apps, phots, videos and music......or is it not as simple as that?

please advise

many thanks


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The Galaxy S3 mini is a far better phone all round than the Galaxy Ace.

On the Ace the screen is smaller and of less quality, it runs an older version of Android, the cpu is worse and so on.

If you want a better phone go for he Galaxy S3 Mini, if you want to save money go for the Ace.

I got a Galaxy 3 Mini a week or so back on a £10.50 monthly contract with Mobile (but I had to pay £90 for the phone).

This worked out cheaper over 2 years than going for the free phone but having to pay about £22 a month.
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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 V Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

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