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fredrika | 15:38 Mon 25th Feb 2013 | Technology
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I have had windows 7 installed with no radio 4 or radio7 problems. Today this is not working. Have I switched something off. All connections seem properly installed. I have checked with server, no connection problems there. Any help much appreciated. Thank you.


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I assume you mean BBC radio?

What is not working, just no sound?

Can you listen to other radio stations, like non-BBC ones?

Do you get any error messages?

Can you watch and listen to videos on YouTube or on the BBC iPlayer?
Here's an (apparently) odd question for you:
Can you play the Youtube video below?

If not, it means that Adobe Flash Player has ceased working on your computer. (The BBC iPlayer and RadioPlayer also use Adobe Flash Player; that's why I've asked).

If you can't play the video (and probably just see a black box instead), go to 'Programs & Features' from your computer's Control Panel. Locate and remove 'Adobe Flash Player Plug-in'. Restart your computer. Go here to reinstall the Flash Player:

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Thank you for these answers. NoYou tube or BBC radio stations I have tried twice to install Adobe Flash Player. I havejust uninstalled and reinstalled it again! Still no sound to programmes!
You did restart your computer in between uninstalling and reinstalling, didn't you?

If you still get problems, try running System Restore to get your computer's registry back to before the problem arose.

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