Why Is Canon Europe So Slow??

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piggynose | 11:22 Fri 25th Jan 2013 | Technology
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I tried downloading the drivers for my canon scanner lide 20 several times this morning, but the download seems to be taking forever!!


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Downloads ok for me. If you are still having the same problem this is the link for the drivers page

The file is 5.3MB in size and took about 5 secs to download.
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i´ll give it a go, but not optimistic, canon dont make it easy, after one week now, nothing!!
It must be yoo hoo!
Picked it up in about the same time ☺
Question Author
again nothing, zilch!! clicked on link, ticked agreement box, clicked on download, clicked on box at bottom of screen, and again nothing happened!!!
blooming pain in the rear

clicked on box at bottom of screen why that bit?

tick in agreement box, click on download and wait for it to download.
Question Author
s.alice, when i usually click on the download, an exe box appears in the bottom left of my screen, this usually has to be clicked, then i get a pop up window, which when i click, gives me a choice of things to click, eg run, unzip.
what am i doing wrong?
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heres the exactly what ive been doing, after clicking on download, i get the file name exe. in corner of screen, i click on this, then get another pop up with run winzip, close, about, then nothing!!
Not sure what Internet browser your using. You should have an option to 'Save', if so pick that one. After saving/downloading it click 'Run it'.
That's why as a reply to your previous questions, I posted a link to the download from the US site, as I explained at the time. Not much point in asking for advice on here, if you're not prepared to take it.

Question Author
sorry i got your goat, but why were you so angry with me rojash?
I always take advice, thats why i use ab a lot. but as i said b4, i seem to be going around in circles, i follow the prompts, do as i´m told with no joy!! am i cursed?
Question Author
slack alice, i´m using googlechrome
Did you do my ^^^ 12.30, if so what happened?
Question Author
yes s.alice, but nothing!
I've just checked it in Chrome and it's working. Open Chrome, click on the Customise Chrome button (far right) and select downloads. You should if you've managed to d/l it a file labelled


If you have, click it and run it.
Are you able to download files from anywhere else or is it just this particular canon site that is giving you some download problems?
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sorry folks for not replying earlier, but i dont usually use the internet at weekends.
It looks like i´ve, sorry not i´ve, but the problem like magic has resolved itself. I wish i had seen s.alices sat 17.14 advice though.
I just switched on my pc this morning at 10ish, before going back to the computer repair shop, put the installation cd in, followed the prompts. crossed my fingers, and instead of getting the usual windows pop up box, asking for a file name, a document was scanned, but i did get a pop up box saying it hasnt been fully installed.
If your scanner wasn't plugged in at the time, possibility is the installation will complete when you do plug it in.
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s.alice, everything was plugged in, i think when i got my pc back after the harddrive was cleaned, some windows software wasn´t fully installed, because i guess it doesn´t install instantly.

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Why Is Canon Europe So Slow??

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