Iphone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Mini

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BobbyBobBob | 23:51 Wed 02nd Jan 2013 | Technology
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I'm interested in getting the Samsung galaxy mini. I currently have an iPhone 4 but prefer the functionality of the Samsung galaxy s3, the only thing about the s3 thats putting me off is the size. I've since heard about the Samsung galaxy mini and I like the sound of it. After looking on line I've noticed that compared to the galaxy s3 the mini isn't up to scratch although still a capable phone.

What I want to know is how does the mini compare to the iPhone 4. It might not be on a par with the bigger s3 but as long as its the equivalent if not better than the iPhone 4 then I may well purchase.

Can't seem to find the specs online anywhere to compare though.



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>>>Can't seem to find the specs online

The Samsung website might be a good place to start ;-)
go for samsung mini because if you want full control on your phone then andriod is best
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Iphone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Mini

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