Kindle Paperwhite Or Kobo Glo?

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anagram | 20:57 Mon 31st Dec 2012 | Technology
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Any opinions on which is best?


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yes, the glo, mainly because you can buy your books from anywhere and don;t need to use a credit or debit card, you can but kobo electronic gift cards in asda or use whsmith giftcards on the kobo website and on smiths ebook site, plus, you can borrow from your local library with the glo
Can you guess which High Street retailer Dotty works for? ;-)

She makes a valid point though. The Kindle ties you into buying from Amazon; other eReaders, such as those offered by Kobo, offer greater flexibility.

it's been the main attraction especially since the tax issue with the other site emerged in recent weeks
i just hope the battery life is much improved. i went with kobo because i wanted freedom to choose where i buy my books from (you can download a kindle app so can still buy from amazon) and to use the library service.

my big issue with it, is the battery life, its absolutely rubbish
then your model is faulty fluffy, with the initial full charge and then just reading it should be at least 4 weeks, unless you're leaving the light switched on continually
and yes you can download the kindle app and transfer to epub but it's not legal in the uk.
the kindle app is legal to download, what are you on about

yes but you have to get the app onto your device you can't convert amazon books you've already bought to epub
but that's what i said, download the kindle app - then you have the kindle service as well
oh hang on a min, is the glo not internet enabled? i have a vox. im probably getting confused
i got a paperwhite for xmas, whicj i like, but am not super impressed with. The quality of the light near the bottom of the screen isn't even, and at £170 near enough you expect it to be perfect
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Thanks for all your answers. Think I might be leaning toward a kobo now.....£10 cheaper too :)
I still love my 5 year old Sony eReader.
Just call me old skool but it reads anything and everything including library books

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Kindle Paperwhite Or Kobo Glo?

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