How Do I Do This??

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LimpyLionel | 16:01 Sun 30th Dec 2012 | Technology
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My girlfriend's laptop snapped in half. Anyway, she has a lot of important stuff on there. How do I get all that stuff from her laptop, that still switches on, onto her new one??



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Do you just mean documents/files (just put onto a pen drive) or do you want programs too?
Oik the disk out, put it in a drive caddy, and connect to her new one by USB.
OR connect an external monitor to the old machine, and then either copy the files to a pendrive, or copy them across the network.
and next time suggest she copies all her important stuff to an external hard drive, or a pen drive, or to CD/DVD.

Suppose it had been stolen and not just broken, then she would have lost everything.
If you can't do it yourselves, take it to a computer shop, they'll do it for you.
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Just for photos, factor30.

Thanks for the answers, everyone. ;-)
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By the way, it's only the keyboard side of the laptop that works; there is no screen!!
you may be able to plug in a spare monitor and it may show on that screen
"there is no screen!!"
That's why I suggested connecting an external monitor

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How Do I Do This??

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