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joko | 02:59 Thu 20th Dec 2012 | Technology
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after a big crash, i have recovered most of it and got lots and lots of copies ... so now i am left with thousands of duplicate files - but also lots of corrupt files, scattered around various folders and drives etc.

trouble is, i can only tell which ones are corrupt by opening each one and seeing if it works - which is obviously very tedious and time consuming.

its clogging up my machine - ive been deleting them regularly for ages, spending hours wading through, but it never seems to get any less!

is there any way to get my laptop to to seek out ONLY corrupt files, so i can delete them all in one go?

i cannot find a Corrupt file Finder online - only ones that want to recover them... i tried Recuver but it still only gave the option to delete by ticking boxes - which takes ages as have to go through thousands

its an asus x54c, win 7



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As Methyl says, you've supplied no usable information on which to base a reply.
What exactly is a "big crash"
What do you mean by "recovered most of it". Did you use a reovery tool?
If the files are genuinely corrupt, then Chkdsk will remove them (or at least punt them all into a single identifiable location).
If, on the other hand, they are partially recovered files as a result of running some sort of recovery program, then (in technical terms) they are no longer corrupt - they may be entirely useless to you, but in terms of the actual files structures they will not be invalid, so it's pretty difficult for a piece of software to identify them.
This is why we tell people to make regular backups on to external hard drives or CD/DVD.
I'm unsure how the computer can do more than you. How would it tell it was corrupt without trying to readit with the application that is supposed to read it ? Whatever you used to recover stuff will have recovered what it considers to be valid as files, so the PC will come to the same conclusion. Best of luck with getting a better response but I feel you are in for a time consuming period. My advice it to write off executable files and reinstall the related applications from scratch, that just leaves your data files, and best you can do there is try them. Sorry.
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methyl and rojash - i have stated in the OP, the type of computer and operating system, and the recovery software i used - can you tell me what other info you need please?

rojash - the crash was on the 1.5tb external harddrive. it just packed up.
but I had some things on it that i had removed from the computer and hadnt moved it to another drive yet.... so they were my only copy.

I ran the Recuva software on it and it recovered some things, but many were corrupted or overwritten, so i ran it on the computer to recover the deleted files from that too.... i also then ran it on any small disks i had, to try to get copies of everything back.

however now i have thousands of files that are corrupt on my computer - some i can see just by looking that theyre corrupt - such as images that are half grey, and some have weird file names... but the rest just blend in with the rest.

i am not looking to recover anything else now ... just delete the corrupted and broken files to clean up the computer - and i wondered if there was a piece of software that seeks out broken files - much as you can get ones that seek out empty folders, broken links duplicate files etc etc.
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just to be clear - I just wanted to know if there is any type of software available that can seek out broken files so i can delete them in one go.
I've worked in IT since the late eighties and haven't heard of any software like that.
Use T9 antivirus for deleting all the corrupt files and folders in your system. This will also protect your computer from other malware and viruses attack.

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