Kodak Printer Problem.......

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ELVIS68 | 20:27 Wed 19th Dec 2012 | Technology
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I can print from my iPhone but not from a laptop, the wireless connections are all ok and the printer is showing up on the laptop but whenever I hit the print button it shows an error message.

I've gone through all the trouble shooting options but no luck yet.

Any suggestions?


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"it shows an error message"

Secret error message, or just can't be arsed to post it?
There seem to have been loads of problems with Kodak printers. Mine will now work but erratically. I have decided it is only sesnible never ever to print anything. This is not helpful at all but I hope seems more friendly than the first reply.
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Soz, not got the laptop on at the mo, will post it shortly
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Printer not responding

1 Make sure the printer is turned on

2 Make sure the computer and printer are both connected to the same network

3 Make sure the print queue is online

(Code: 105-100003)
Google 'epson printer code 105-100003'
Look for Error: "Printer not responding" (105-100003) in list.
This is Kodak support and there are a couple of ways of fixing error depending on connection type.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Mosaic and marje, tried that but still not working
I would uninstall the printer, put in the loading DVD and re install. Worth a try ! Good luck.
I am afraid these kodak printers are a tale of woe from start to finish.

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Kodak Printer Problem.......

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