NAS Recommendation?

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rojash | 13:55 Thu 15th Nov 2012 | Technology
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After yet another USB disk failed, and as I'm forever switching them from machine to machine, I thought I might invest in a bit of NAS.

Looking on Amazon, there's seems to be a choice of empty boxes at 400 squiddlies or more, and some reasonably priced preloaded ones that have a preponderance of frighteningly bad reviews ("worked well for three months, then died", and stuff like that).

I want this primarily for backups outside my normal backup routine - as for example, when I'm about to make a major mod to some software, I'll take a snapshot before starting so that I can easily (a) trash all the new work and start again, and (b) refer back to the existing stuff easily.

I only need a couple of TB at most. Any recommendations from direct experience?


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QNap, is very popular here with the IT crowd, a little pricey.

I do have one and it works very well, quiet etc, no issues in 2 years.

anothe roption would be to get anothe rPC and give that raid stoarge, use that as a NAs and also have a second OS /machine available in case of failiure
I've got a 4bay netgear readynas with 4 x 500GB drive as raid5 (gives me 1.5TB) which is reliable if not the fastest one about.

If I was to buy again, I'd get one of these and stick Linux on it. and 4 1TB drives in it as RAID5
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Thanks guys, I'll check em out.

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NAS Recommendation?

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