How to save ALL my music to iCloud?

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LimpyLionel | 09:27 Wed 07th Nov 2012 | Technology
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How do I save all my music on iTunes to iCloud? There is about 43GB of music on there.

Do I have to pay?

I did have two Seagate hardrives, but they've both died on me. Pfft.



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I've just looked at the Apple site.

5GB is free; 50GB is £70 per year.

It does state that you can store your BOUGHT music, but I don't know exactly what that means. It implies ripped tracks are excluded
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A good chunk of my music collection is from CDs and other digital download sites, such as Beatport, Audio Jelly, etc.

£70 a year! Yeah, right. I'll buy another hardrive, I think.
Exactly. I can't see them getting much business when it's as cheap to buy another hard drive.

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How to save ALL my music to iCloud?

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