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NOX | 19:48 Fri 19th Oct 2012 | Technology
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Hi does anyone know a good data recovery company in the UK? I knocked my external drive off and now it's making horrible rhythmic buzzing noises so I think it's past my capabilities to repair. This is data that I stupidly never backed up and yes that I really can't live without, so need a very good data recovery company if anyone knows of one. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I have dealt with this company before on behalf of a customer, all data was recovered, quick service, although you can expect to pay anything from around £600 - £900.
I'll confirm the cost estimate above, I've been asked to look into it a couple of times by people but never actually had to send a drive off because the estimates of around £1000 seemed to change their minds about just how important their data was.
I have resurrected a hard drive temporarily (which died of natural causes – rather than physical abuse) by placing it in a freezer overnight. The trick is to wrap it tightly within a plastic bag in such a way that connections can be made without removing it from the bag (to minimise condensation on the hard drive when removed from the freezer) – then try to recover the hard drive data while it is below freezing. I doubt such a technique would work where the drive has suffered high g force shocks – but it might save you £600.
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Thank you all, looks like it'll be an expensive ' I'll back it up tomorrow' lesson. Won't do that again in a hurry :(
Many thanks:)
If the data is worth that much to you i'd recomend something like this User Recommendation

You'd also have to buy 4 drives to put in it, but then you have redundancy built in for drive failures.
A much cheaper option than that proposed by ChuckFickens is to install a second hard drive within your PC – then simply copy across all important data. Of course your PC might go up in flames – but then you’d have much more to worry about than lost data.
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You dont actually say if the drive is still working or not, just that its making a noise, does the computer still see the drive.
Maybe the head is jammed, give it a few taps to see if you can dislodge it, this has got me out of trouble numerous times.
sometimes a low tec solution is best
if the computer can still recognise there is a drive attached when you plug it into it, then download Recuva ... its great, free, and will get all youtr stuff back for you.
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Hi no sorry the computer can't see the drive at all sadly, if it could I'd have whipped everything off a bit sharpish but thanks for the advice everyone:)
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I've got an online quote of C£400 from Fields- no data no fee basis- so I imight let them have a look at it because I think that's poretty reasonable, but I expect it will rise once they've actually got it:)
Gonna get me one of they disk array wotsits as well..going quietly spare in case this can't be recovered:(
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Hi Methyl...

I research everyone I ever deal with before actually doing business with them and upon closer examination there certainly seems to be a big problem with Fields US so I will probably have to go with a more expensive but more reliable company like Krollontrack as you suggested;/
Thanks for all your help it really is appreciated.
"Gonna get me one of they disk array wotsits as well"

Although some may think it's over the top, I also keep all the data on my array backed up onto a USB hard drive which I then keep in another location (my parents house)... this means if ever there was a disaster at my house (a fire for example) then I would still have all my data safe.

The one I linked to (which is very similar to the one I have) has a button on the front labeled backup which you can program to do this automatically, just plug a usb drive in and press the button.
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Yeah I think you're right chuck- the weird thing is everything business wise is backed up twice, this is my home drive with pictures of my kids, part finished novels and other works, personal stuff I can never replace and I've been really stupidly remiss about it. Big kick up the arse for me, I shall be doing exactly as you do in future with it.
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Disk arrays are a great idea until your machine is stolen!
I lost a lot of data a couple of years back and was mighty upset.

I now upload my back-up to Carbonite. They update the files whilst the compute is on. When my last computer died suddenly I was able to download all my data with no problem.

I am not sure how much it costs a year (£30-£50) ish but it is worth it for peace of mind. It is almost idiot-proof.
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