How to save your mobile phone contacts!

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alzheimer | 07:58 Tue 02nd Oct 2012 | Technology
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Once upon a time I had a little gadget that I could attach to my Nokia Classic 6303 mobile phone and this little gadget saved all my contacts and numbers and kept them safe.
Thus in the event of the unthinkable and I lost my phone or it was stolen I still had a complete copy of my contacts which I could then import into a new phone.
In a fit of generosity I gave this little gadget away and now can't find a replacement!!
I would be very grateful of some of you out there could point me in the direction where I can get such a thing.
I am sure there are other methods of making/and saving a separate copy of your contacts - and as I have nearly 300 of them - you can imagine the thought of losing them fills me with dread.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received - as long as they are easy ones!!!


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If you can connect to a PC there are applications out there you can download to back up your mobile data to a file on the PC drive. Try a search engine and select a free use one of your choice.
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Thanks very much OG.....I do have Nokia Suite etc on my laptop BUT I found that I could not KEEP a copy of the contacts if the phone was NOT attached - which rather defeated the object of the exercise!! My stupidity perhaps - but I am old-fashioned enough to like to SEE a "hard copy"....LOL
I use Nokia Suite, altough when I back up it is usually all rather than contacts alone, and never neede to reload yet.

Although I can not go to download sites from work (barred from them) I have used 3rd party ones in the past. The ones I used would allow you to export the data to text or spreadsheet format files.

Suprised you can not keep the copy of contacts without a permanent connection though. Once they are backed up in a file I can't envisage where they would go.

Failing everything else I'd suspect stores such as Maplin would hold something you can plug in in needed, not that I've checked.

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How to save your mobile phone contacts!

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