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wolf63 | 13:27 Mon 17th Sep 2012 | Technology
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I have a mouse problem - well, actually, mice problem.

My two cats have littered the house with their little toy mice and I keep tripping over them. I think they are trying to kill me.

I managed to knacker my computer mouse and have just received a new one in the post from Amazon. It seems awfully sensitive and even the slightest movement from my fingers sets it off. I have shaky hands so this is not working out very well.

Can this function be tinkered with? I tried going into 'mouse' in the control panel but couldn't see an option that would help me.

Help - please


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Did you try reducing the pointer speed on the pointer option tab?
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Have done it now. Will try surfing around and see if it improves it.

I took my last mouse apart - it had been going wonky. There was a couple of pea sized chunks of cat fur in it. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Thanks - might get back to you later :-)
Cat prime purpose in life is to try and kill their owners. Mine trips me on the stairs every morning.
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Brinjal - black and white cats + new 'planet saving' (but not very bright) light bulbs = dangerous situation.

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wonky mouse

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