Sound through HDMI connection

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wardie100 | 15:15 Sat 15th Sep 2012 | Technology
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We're trying to watch something on Netflix. I've connected my computer to the tv via a HDMI cable, the picture is fine but can't seem to get the audio to come from the TV it's just coming from the laptop. Am I doing something wrong?



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You're not selecting the HDMI as the audio output device.

It would have helped if you'd said what version of windows, but assuming windows7, right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen, select playback devices, when the list of playback devices comes up right click on the one that says something like HDMI audio device and select set as default device and click OK

You'll have to reverse the above when you're finished to get the sound back out through the speakers.
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Thank you, I had actually worked it out already by doing some playing around but this will help me for next time :)

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Sound through HDMI connection

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