If I buy a iPhone 5 when I am in New York will it work in the UK

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JG1965 | 13:28 Sat 15th Sep 2012 | Technology
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I am going on holiday to New York next week and was going to buy the new iPhone 5 when I am there as it is only £123 at the Apple Store there, will it work here in the UK when I get back.
Thanks in advance.


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I can't answer your will it work question, but something similar was asked a few days ago - you will have to declare it at Customs and pay duty on bringing it back, so it may not be as cheap as you think.
Should work but as it is over the vat threshold you should declare and pay vat
I think that price is with contract, I may be wrong but have a google about, see here.

I had a brief look around the Apple website, it seems to me they are only selling the phone with contract, I can't find anywhere on there that will tell you the cost of an unlocked phone.
As previously mentioned, the $199.99 (£123) cost is contigent on a 2-year contract with one of the 'Big Three' US providers - AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

The full retail non-contract price is $649.99 (£400).
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If I buy a iPhone 5 when I am in New York will it work in the UK

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