Connecting wi-fi printer to netbook

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Bettypat | 13:03 Sat 15th Sep 2012 | Technology
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I have a laptop computer LP, connected to a photosmart laptop - my sister has bought a net book and we are trying to connect that up - we have managed to get it on the net book but on the status it says unavailable does anyone know what we need to do to complete the set up. Thanks.


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Did you mean connected to a photosmart PRINTER????

Have you installed the printer's software on the new laptop? Remember that your older laptop has nothing to do with the new one's printing ability. The computer communicates directly with the wifi router/modem which in turn signals to the printer, and reverse.
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Thank you very much Wildwood. The photosmart printer is showing on the new netbook but when I come to print it says that no physical printer is there and would I like to install one - a list comes down but my particular model is not on. In the Device manager it gives my printer with all the correct figures and says the device is working correctly.
I am only guessing but is the wifi on on the printer?
Do you have to download the drivers?
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Yes, that seems to be the problem. The printer is on wi-fi and it is a 6510 series. The number appears correctly in the Device Manager and a list comes down with the names of printers but my particular model or series is not on. It tells me to press for more models and then says microsoft cannot display them at the moment. Thank you very much for your help.
Have you enabled the printer to be shared in the Homegroup?

From your own laptop:
Control panel>network and sharing centre>homegroup.
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Yes Daffy, I have done that and had a number which is in both computers.
The net book had some downloads when we closed it last time so perhaps something may have happened. We will keep trying! Thanks a lot.

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Connecting wi-fi printer to netbook

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