Can I change the cover lid on my dell mini ?

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Nintendo_Lover13 | 13:11 Mon 03rd Sep 2012 | Technology
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Hii had recently ordered a Dell mini from and wanted to know if I could switch the lids with a different color. My favorite color is red and I'm looking for a red color to put over the black lid.


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The lids aren't easily changeable, you can buy the red lid from Dell (or from ebay)... the dell part number is M981P... the one's on Ebay tend to be second hand though, so they may have scratches.

Personally, I'd take the lid off (not that hard) and either cover it in vinyl or spray it.

(Actually personally I wouldn't care about the colour... but if I was asked to change it for someone else...)
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I thought they were switchable I'm guessing that's only with the R series hmm thanks I'll check the eBay site oout though.
Dell mini is actually the name of a range of computer... if you can give the exact model number than it would be possible to check properly.
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I don't have it yet I just know its a 1012 mini laptop my first one.

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Can I change the cover lid on my dell mini ?

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